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Just out now: ShowKontrol CLUB!

Developed to fullfill the desires of our clients working on smaller/medium live show productions, we proudly present you the youngest child in our softwarefamily:

ShowKontrol CLUB

​Generate realtime SMPTE (LTC/MTC/TCNet) in sync with ONE of the 4 connected Pioneer CDJ's, benefit from realtime BPM data sync functions and many more other fantastic features!

This new ShowKontrol version made for Front Of House artists of nightclubs, shows your club the art of full show automation. You also have a smart tool for live sync in your hands.

Buy it now for only 249,- USD (+TAX) and use ShowKontrol CLUB unlimited for any show you want.

Excited? Just click here and c​​​​​​heck it out!

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