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TCNet is a new and easy open network protocol that allows users to connect and interchange information between lighting, video and other control systems used in the entertainment industry. Together with other companies and people working in this industry, we created a platform that will change the way we do our shows.


The original idea with TCNet was make a digital network variant of all things; show synchronization and information. The protocol is being used in all our ShowKontrol products, video servers such as Arkaos,

and also for example in the PIONEER DJ PRO DJ LINK Bridge application.

Therefore, ShowKontrol talks directly and natively to the Pioneer DJ gear and does not require any extra

applications such as the PRO DJ LINK BRIDGE application to connect to PRO DJ LINK itself.

TCNet transports information such as

- Track & Audio MetaData

- BPM and Beatgrid Information

- High resolution Waveforms
- Information regarding tracks, album artwork etc.

- Control messages to remotely control other apps

Things that TCNet can be used for

- Select video clips automatically
- Change pages in lighting desks
- Send this kind of information as an overlay for television broadcast so it auto assigns track and artists 
- Show album art to be stored in cues etc…
- To provide visual information so you don’t have to look to another screen.

Track & Audio Timing Data

TCNet can replace standard MTC, LTC, ArtNet timecode. The benefit of TCNet is that it can be higher resolution or industry standard, TCNet is created with variable speed In mind and is able to play backwards as well. Products using TCNet understand this.
You also need no more complicated adapters or hardware.

Track & Audio Waveforms

This could be used to have a live waveform generated in the back screen with a media server. For lighting or laser shows the desk or software could import or export the waveform in a timeline for easier programming.

Track & Audio BPM/Pitch Information

TCNet sends out BPM & Pitch date. This can be used to bpm sync visuals.
Some examples are auto BPM for any type of control all elements of a show would be synced and triggered to the same BPM. Pitch info could be used to speed up or slow down certain effects build into lighting or laser controllers 


A perfect example for a good implementation on a lighting desk would be:

  • You program the song at 0 pitch.

  • All the lighting cues are triggered from TCNet through timecode or high res timecode.

  • All the hard-programmed timings and speed effects, delays get affected by the pitch send through TC Net (0% to 200%) 

  • All info that is linked to BPM like chases would listen to the BPM of TCNet.

This means exact cueing of each change!

TCNet sends out BPM info from a beat grid so you know which one is beat 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. Some songs have a different sound every 4th 8th, 16th or 32nd beat as TCNet sends this you could in theory make a special marker cue that only shows these moments 

We would call that show synchronization 2.0!

Information regarding actions that happen on supported Pioneer DJ gear

(Or any hardware for that matter)

You could program special events on certain moments. 

The initial idea

- Industry standard sharing of files between devices
- Industry standard Import and export of cue point list with labels and timecode values color information etc.
- Industry standard chat function
- Remote control of any device 

The idea of TCNet is to be an open and accessible standard that over time any device can communicate and synchronize with any other device in the entertainment industry.

Technical Requirements

You connect you ShowKontrol computer to the Pioneer DJ gear over network in small set-ups. Then you connect your TCNet enabled devices to the same network.
For large setups and devices that send other stuff like ArtNet over the network we recommend using a second network adaptor for all things TCNet Showkontrol auto configures. ShowKontrol talks natively to the Pioneer DJ gear and does not require any extra applications such as the PRO DJ LINK BRIDGE application. 

As the standard evolves we always recommend using the latest stable version with the latest version of your computers OS.


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