Founded in 2004, we are an entertainment technology company specialized in creating powerful tools and applications for real-time synchronization of show elements including video, lights, lasers and pyrotechnics.


Our first application, ProDJ TAP, provided the user with a “cockpit view” of all significant data being sent through the DJ’s equipment—Thus enabling them to real-time sync with the tracks being played. We have since developed features like automation and extensive networking options, making it possible to directly connect to key equipment like lighting desks and media servers, along with multiple systems for larger setups.


Today our products can be found worldwide, used by DJ’s, venues, festivals and theme parks.



The first idea by us was born in 2001 by using the faderstart function to start 2 Pioneer CDJs at same time. One with audio and the other with LTC Timecode signal 


ProDJ Tap was born. A simple tool that allowed to generate LTC timecode by plugging a cable in the bottom of a CDJ1000mk2


TC Supply was founded and became a company specialized in timecode solutions


TC Supply integrates the CDJ2000
into ProDJ Tap. This became the first application that synced directly with Pioneer DJs PRO DJ LINK protocol


TC Supply worked together with Native Instruments to create a special version of Traktor, allowing 2 decks to be synced and generate LTC timecode


TC Supply and Pioneer DJ partnered to extend the PRO DJ LINK and create the ultimate successor of ProDJ Tap: ShowKontrol.

TC Supply is part of Event Imagineering Group

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